The Shout

Amplifying the cry for justice.

The Shout is words. The Shout is action.  The Shout is you. The Shout is me. The Shout is us. 

We are The Shout.

The Shout emerged from 3 key convictions: 1) Justice is not a word, it is a lifestyle. 2) Joy arises from the pursuit of justice in community. 3) It is not only possible, it is necessary for those who are rolling down in the same mighty stream towards justice to bring all their differing motivations to the table, whether it be faith, experience, or reason to find that common goal. 

The Shout seeks: 1) A justice that includes everyone.. 2) A solidarity that doesn't break. 3) A reconciliation that does not run ahead of justice. 

We pursue this through: 1) Whispers where we listen to one another and seek to hear what is true and necessary. 2) Shouts where we gather to translate that cry for justice in the community into art. 3) Echoes where we invite people to amplify the cry for justice through taking action. 

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